Our simple process is:

  • Synergistic

  • Scalable

  • Sustainable

  • Successful

At GreenLab we envision a future where the cornfield emerges at the forefront of protein production. This is not theoretical science.

90 million acres of possibilities.

With patented corn-grown proteins and enzymes already in production, we are revolutionizing industries through the power of next-generation plant biotechnology.

We've successfully transferred nearly 50 proteins into corn

We've scaled commercial production of several transformative enzymes

We're just getting started on our mission to green energy, food, and manufacturing.



Natural, high-intensity sweet protein.

We've made significant progress developing brazzein to address the key needs of formulators and food service.

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Manganese Peroxidase (MnP)

Environmental remediation at scale.

The ability of MnP to degrade complex organic pollutants resistant to degradation by other means, has shown great promise in various applications. With limited supply at quite high cost, applications were few. Until now. GreenLab’s purified recombinant MnP from corn seed is the first cost-effective, scalable MnP solution—available in commercial quantities.