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GreenLab Vector Technology Platform Launch Offers New Unlimited Scaling Capacity for Designer Protein Manufacturing

February 14, 2023

The Green Factory of the Future: The Cornfield Is Open Today.

JONESBORO, AR. FEB. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - GreenLab, Inc. announces launch of the biotech startup’s proprietary vector technology platform. GreenLab Vector Technology (GVT) greens recombinant protein manufacturing by transforming novel proteins into highly scalable corn multiplied exponentially across acres of cornfields.

“The pace of innovation within protein design companies has greatly outpaced the rate of innovation in the manufacturing of proteins. The GVT platform brings a solution in the sense of a high-tech manufacturing system to lead the push of novel proteins from lab to commercial,” said Jim Hedges, CEO. “We are launching the GVT platform to eliminate the production backlog for protein designers and enzyme engineers; and to collaborate with manufacturers to grow the toughest proteins to scale.”

“GreenLab’s vector technology enables rigorous protein optimization and expression, with yields up to 100X higher activity than traditional methodologies. Our platform’s expression rates create unlimited scalability over time,” added Dr. John Howard, Chief Science Officer. “GVT also has capabilities to scale recombinant protein manufacturing across multiple business verticals and industries like energy, food, environmental remediation, and industrial use. This is not conceptual. Currently GreenLab is growing proteins, including brazzein in corn, solving the economic, sustainability and capacity issues which have slowed the market.”

“I have worked my whole career as a scientist to create technology to clean up the environment. The GVT platform produces more novel protein output with less input than ever before. The result is truly green and sustainable,” said Dr. Elizabeth Hood, Founder and Director of R&D. “GreenLab’s mission is to green manufacturing and partner to grow innovative proteins and enzymes with functions that will further cleanup, protect, power and sustain our world.”

About GreenLab

GreenLab's mission is to green industry with next-generation plant biotechnology. The GreenLab Vector Technology (GVT) platform transforms a cornfield into the factory of the future, open today. We deliver on biotech's promise of next-generation protein production, end-to-end sustainability, and unlimited scalability.

GreenLab is seeking partners in protein design, enzyme engineering and green manufacturing across multiple business verticals and industries including energy, food, pharma, environmental remediation, and industrial use. We currently have four case study enzymes growing in corn in commercial production. Explore GreenLab’sproprietary portfolio for direct sales, partner in production optimization or to expand sustainable protein manufacturing capacity.

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