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GreenLab, Inc. Announces Ryan Schon New Chief Operating Officer

April 6, 2023

The Green Factory of the Future: The Cornfield Is Open Today

JONESBORO, AR. APR. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - GreenLab, Inc. names Ryan Schon as its new Chief Operating Officer. Schon will help lead execution of the launch strategy of the company’s GreenLab Vector Technology (GVT) platform introduced by the biotech startup earlier this year.

“The progress the team here at GreenLab has made in such a relatively short time is unprecedented. The development of the GVT platform will enable more and more novel proteins to be created in the lab, produced in the cornfield and on to commercialization instead of being indefinitely delayed due to capacity, scalability and regulatory issues,” said Ryan Schon.

“Ryan’s extensive experience of putting strategies in action and executing on them is the last remaining piece of the puzzle,” stated GreenLab Chief Executive Officer Jim Hedges. “Establishing ourselves as the capacity and scaling biomanufacturing platform of choice for the producers of today’s most exciting proteins is the focus of our entire team, and the addition of Ryan’s implemental prowess gives GreenLab even more momentum going forward.”

“It’s beyond exciting to see how GreenLab already has three transformative enzymes in production growing in corn, and the sweet recombinant protein brazzein moving through commercialization. In the complex world of next-gen plant biotechnology, joining a growing team of industry pioneers, with a track record like that doesn’t happen often,” added Schon, referring to the company’s deep experience and proprietary platform serving every major industry vertical developing and manufacturing designer proteins.

About Ryan Schon

Ryan is a seed industry veteran with 25 years of experience at Monsanto, Corn States, Corteva, and Latham Seeds. He brings agronomy, marketing, strategy, international and general management experience to the GreenLab team. Schon is known for putting his strategic thinking into action, collaborative building, and using data insights for better business management.

About GreenLab

GreenLab's mission is to green industry with next-generation plant biotechnology. The GreenLab Vector Technology (GVT) platform transforms a cornfield into the factory of the future, open today. We deliver on biotech's promise of next-generation protein production, end-to-end sustainability, and unlimited scalability.

GreenLab is seeking partners in protein design, enzyme engineering and green manufacturing across multiple business verticals and industries including energy, food, pharma, environmental remediation, and industrial use. We currently have four case study enzymes growing in corn in commercial production. Explore GreenLab’s proprietary portfolio for direct sales, partner in production optimization or to expand sustainable protein manufacturing capacity.

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