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GreenLab Closes $5.2 Million Seed Round

January 24, 2023

Biotech Startup’s Platform Greens Protein Manufacturing Transforming a Cornfield into the Factory of the Future.

JONESBORO, AR. JAN. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ - GreenLab, Inc. announces closing a $5,268,944.44 seed funding round. The group of investors from Northeast Arkansas represents a cross section of the agricultural industry who understand the critical role of sustainability and value of optimizing proteins. The biotech startup’s proprietary platform is the literal greening of industry within a kernel of corn- multiplied exponentially across acres of cornfields.

“GreenLab’s seed round is led by investors who understand real sustainability from their experience in agriculture as farmers, agronomists and land, ag insurance and seed business owners,” stated Kelly Phipps, current COO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of GreenLab. He helped organize and participated in the round.

“The quality and insight of our seed round investors is a powerful testament to the transformational value GreenLab’s platform delivers for the sustainable, unlimited scalability of novel proteins,” stated Jim Hedges, CEO of GreenLab. “This successful seed round follows years of dedicated research proving the science driving GreenLab’s protein optimized production platform. Our team of scientists is led by Dr. John Howard, Chief Science Officer and Dr. Elizabeth Hood, Founder and Director of R&D.”

About GreenLab

GreenLab's mission is to green industry with next-generation plant biotechnology. Our platform transforms a cornfield into the factory of the future. We deliver on biotech's promise of next-generation proteins, end-to-end sustainability and unlimited scalability. GreenLab currently has four patented enzymes growing in corn- already in commercial production and is seeking partners to explore our proprietary portfolio for direct sales, partner in production or to expand the capacity of other protein manufacturers.

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